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Dr. Songtao Fan published a review paper in Current Opinion in Food Science and gave ... 2022-12-02
Associate Professor Huang Xiaowei published a research paper on Food Chemistry 2022-12-01
Professor Jiyong Shi published the latest research results in Food Chemistry 2022-11-21
Dr. Lin Lin Shortlisted for the Most Cited Scientists in 2022 2022-11-18
Professor Jiyong Shi published the latest research results in Meat Science 2022-11-11
FBE held 2nd seminar on “Critical Thinking and Research Proposal Writing” 2022-11-04
FBE held a seminar on writing good research proposals for national and provincial fun... 2022-10-20
The fifth Symposium on Bacterial Quorum Sensing in Food System & the second Forum for... 2022-09-17
Professor Shi Jiyong was supported by the Outstanding Youth Fund of Jiangsu Natural S... 2022-09-07
Professor Lin Lin of our institutel was selected into the list of highly cited scient... 2021-11-19
The 5th International Conference on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food was successfu... 2021-10-25
Professor Lin Lin's team published the latest research results in the Top journal Adv... 2021-09-14
Focusing on the frontiers of food safety testing technology-CBIFS 2021 The 14th China... 2021-06-07
"International Forum on Deep Processing of Agricultural Products and Development of F... 2021-05-14
The Theory Center Group of the Party Committee of the School of Food and Biological E... 2020-12-10

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