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Researcher Lin Lin was invited to serve as an editorial board member of the international journal Microbial Pathogenesis
Date:2020-09-24   View:

Recently, Lin Lin, a researcher from the School of Food and Bioengineering of Jiangsu University, was invited to serve as an editorial board member of the international journal "Microbial Pathogenesis" under Elsevier. "Microbial Pathogenesis" was founded in 1986 and is one of the authoritative journals in the field of microbiology. The latest impact factor is 2.914. The journal mainly publishes research work in microbiology, host-pathogen interaction, immunology and biology. The content covers microbial pathogens, virulence factors, host susceptibility or resistance, immune mechanism, genetic research, etc. field.

Researcher Lin Lin has been engaged in the prevention and treatment of food-borne microorganisms for a long time. He has carried out in-depth research in the fields of natural food antibacterial preservatives, food active packaging and food cold sterilization. He has successively worked in Trends in Food Science and Technology, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Chemical More than 100 high-level papers have been published in domestic and foreign journals such as Communications, Nanoscale, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, Carbohydrate Polymers, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, and Food control. It has been cited nearly 2500 times by peers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, and 14 papers have been selected as ESI highly cited papers. Researcher Lin Lin also serves as the associate editor of the international journal Frontiers in Microbiology (IF 4.259), as well as reviewers for journals such as Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, Trends in Food Science & Technology, Food Chemistry, Food Control, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, etc. people.

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