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The Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Institute of Jiangsu University was established on March 29, 2012. It is a full-time scientific research institution of Jiangsu University. Formerly known as the Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Research Institute of Jiangsu University, it was first established in 1983. In 1986, the Institute was granted Masters Programs in agricultural product processing engineering, and in 1993 it was approved as one of the first batch of doctoral programs in agricultural product processing engineering in China. In 1995, it was approved to establish a post-doctoral program in agricultural engineering jointly with the discipline of agricultural machinery design and manufacturing. In 1998, it was the first batch to be approved to establish a post-doctoral program in food science and engineering. The institute currently has five provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories and research centers, with a laboratory area of more than 1,500 square meters and a total asset value of more than 30 million, including more than 70 sets of precision instruments and more than 30 sets of pilot equipment.

The Institute mainly focus on the following fields of research:

1. According to the physical characteristics of agricultural products like optics, electricity, acoustics, mechanics, researchers adopt physical testing methods for rapid and non-destructive testing of the quality of agricultural products;
2. Strengthen deep processing by using ultrasonic technology to extract the effective ingredients of agricultural products, Enzymatic protein hydrolysis;
3. Use infrared, magnetic field, microwave, magnetic materials, etc. to carry out application research on drying, enzyme inactivation, and sterilization of agricultural food;
4. New sensor technology development and process control in food manufacturing process. Error diagnosis and real-time communication technology research and development of key equipment for food intelligent manufacturing;
5. Microbial fermentation engineering;
6. Biocatalysts technology and Enzyme engineering;
7. Microbial metabolism and regulation.

In recent years, the institute has presided over 6 projects in National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), more than 30 projects in national science and technology support plans and natural science funds. The institute has a large number of scientific research achievements, including a second prize for national science and technology invention and four first prize and three second prices for provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. In the past three years, the institute has published more than 60 SCI and EI research papers and authorized more than 30 invention patents.

The Institute will adhere to its characteristics and make unremitting efforts to become a base for domestic agricultural product processing cooperation, exchanges, and technological achievement transformation, especially in East China. At the same time, the institute will help agricultural product processing enterprises to solve key technical problems in industrialization, provide reliable scientific and technological data support for the government and enterprises to make correct decisions. The institute will become an innovative center for agricultural product processing engineering technology.

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