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1. The main research directions and contents of the Institute

1 Research direction of rapid inspection technology and equipment for agricultural

product (food) quality

The research direction uses machine vision, hyperspectral, NIR spectroscopy, X-ray

imaging,  audio, ultrasound, microwave, olfactory visualization, electronic nose, etc.

according to the physical characteristics of agricultural (food) products such as optics,

electricity, acoustics, mechanics, etc. Means, rapid non-destructive testing of the

internal and external quality of agricultural (food) products, and development of related

technical equipment.

2 Research direction of agricultural products (food) processing technology and

equipment This direction focuses on the research of ultrasonic, infrared, magnetic field,

microwave,  ultra-high pressure, magnetic materials and other methods, and the

application   research in the processing of agricultural products (food), including:

extraction of effective ingredients, enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins, drying,

insecticide,  Mildew, sterilization, drying of fruits and vegetables, peeling of fruits,


3"Smart manufacturing" research direction

This direction mainly researches new sensing technology of intelligent manufacturing

process, intelligent manufacturing process control technology, intelligent manufacturing

process fault diagnosis and health maintenance technology. Through the development of key

equipment, the integrated development of intelligent agricultural product (food)

processing function modules with functions such as online component detection, quality

traceability, and electromechanical, optical and liquid integrated control.

2. Recruitment method

1 Application requirements: a doctorate who meets one of the above research directions;

overseas experience and years of work experience are preferred.

2 Recruitment method: send your resume to the designated mailbox, and the recruiting

unit will notify whether to participate in the interview according to the resume.

3Recruitment treatment: In addition to enjoying the preferential policies of Jiangsu

University for talent introduction, they will also enjoy the relevant policies of the


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