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Transferable Technology
Transferable Technology
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Transferable or cooperative development technology

1. A variety of plant essential oil natural antibacterial agent formula

2. Carbon-based nanofiber solid acid catalyst

3. Biological fermentation tank, subcritical extraction device

4. Edible and medicinal fungus and fungus health food solid and liquid fermentation production technology: Ganoderma lucidum, red yeast rice, cordyceps, golden ear, hericium, Grifola frondosa, shiitake mushroom, truffle, enoki mushroom, Coprinus comatus

5. Industrialized cultivation technology of food and medicinal fungi

6. Wastewater treatment technology

7. Food and medicine fungus health wine production technology

8. Fermentation production technology of biological feed and biological fertilizer

9. Fermentation equipment transformation, solid and liquid fermentation fermentation equipment production technology

10. Dry separation and enrichment technology of wheat bran aleurone layer

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