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The Theory Center Group of the Party Committee of the School of Food and Biological Engineering carried out the "Civil Code" special study
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In order to in-depth study, publicity and implementation of the Civil Code, and accurately understand and grasp the core essence of the Civil Code, on the 

afternoon of December 8, the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group of the School of Food Science and Technology held a special study activity on the "Civil Code". Key speeches were made by Cai Jianrong, Dean of Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Research Institute, and Zhou Cunshan, Vice Dean of School of Food Science.

President Cai pointed out that the "Civil Code" is the first law named after the "Code" since the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is also a major 

achievement of my country's socialist rule of law in the new era and has an important position in the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. At work, we must focus on improving the legal awareness and legal literacy of teachers and students, strengthen the legal thinking of leading cadres, and promote the 

modernization of college governance. Dean Zhou believes that it is necessary to take the opportunity of studying, propagating and implementing the Civil Code to 

strengthen legal thinking and concepts, consciously implement the spirit and principles of the rule of law in all fields and links of running schools, and further enhance the ability to perform duties according to law.

Through the discussion of all members of the center group, everyone agreed that: to strengthen law education, the whole college must thoroughly study and implement laws and regulations such as the Higher Education Law, Teacher Law, and resolutely implement the fundamental task of Lide Shuren, and it is necessary to study, 

publicize and implement the Civil Code. As an opportunity, we will strive to build a college rule of law culture centered on the spirit of the rule of law, 

create a strong college atmosphere of studying, observing, using, and advocating the law, and better safeguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of 

teachers and students.

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